How Old Is Your Body? What Your Fitness Age Can Tell You

There is an age according to the date of birth in our certificates. But our physical age and mental age may be different than that. Once we grow up and become adults the deterioration of body is unavoidable. The fitness age can speak a lot about your health. A fact that many people do not realize is that different organs within the body itself can have a different age. For example, a person’s heart may be stronger or the kidneys may be functioning below par. The fitness age can reveal all such secrets about the body than a regular person may not pay attention to.

You will be considered fit when you can complete a set of exercises within a stipulated time designed for a particular age group. So even though you may be 25 years old but if you are obese and cannot complete the set of exercises expected from your age group, then you might not be fit and may also be considered older for your age. Exercise is the only way to be physically fit and flexibility, endurance and strength are all needed to be fit. A website like can guide you become fit and be healthy while making wise choices of exercise and balanced nutrition.

The fact remains that the fitness levels can tell you how healthy your body is and the unseen biological age of the body as well. One way of finding the fitness age is to find the metabolic age of a body. Many researchers have found that exercise and healthy lifestyle and wise food choices to help people in maintaining their physical fitness at the optimum levels. This may also help them to stay younger or at least the body will show the same age as their real age. The benefits of exercise work at the level of cells and help you beat the effect of aging. The discomfort and pain of exercise regime may make it all worthwhile to remain younger and feel younger as long as possible.

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