How to Easy Exercise Away Pesky Armpit Fat

While there is no real way to do “spot-reduction”, being consistent in terms of losing weight and fat burning can make a very big difference in terms of how you look in any of your clothing in the armpit area. By reducing weight overall, you will tighten the muscle around the fat to reduce the appearance of a bloated and overweight armpit area that is considered to be very unattractive.

If you are concerned about the bra bulge, it is imperative that you need to get your bra resized, clothes that are too tight will have a lot of stress on the breast area and it is not good for your health to have that much tension or stress on the bra area.

Get some good supplements for this workout from if you wish, they will help you immensely in your journey.

Lying Chest fly

Get on your back and put your hips and knees at 90 degree angles, using your lower abs push your body upwards and push weight in your hands up towards the ceiling while keeping the elbow straight and taught.

Make sure to keep the abs activated as you open up your arms towards the sky, keep the arms up straight than push down after the exercise is finished.

After doing this around 4 times, put the weights back down and stand up and do some cardio to continue to lose fat around the elbow area.


The basic and easy exercise that most people already know how to do, simply raise your hands and put them in a plank position and start to put your body into the plank position. After finishing this maneuver simply do it again a couple of times to strengthen the core muscles.

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