Nutrition: The Best Tips to Eating Right While Traveling For Sailing

I love the sailing season:

Yes, generally I love the fact that I will be out of the home and on the water for some time because I identify myself as a thalassophile. Vast expanses of water simply enchant me and bring out my element.

But what I hate about sailing!

I think hate is too strong a word. Dislike is more than I feel. I do not like the fact that while I will be over the waters my fitness routine will be disrupted. Also, my nutrition or the normal intake of food does get affected each time I am out there.

When you are on land your nutritional needs can be met with at small intervals but not when you are sailing. That is precisely why I have curated this list where I explain how nutritional needs can be met even when you are enjoying yourself in the middle of bliss!

Also the traveling bit; you have to make sure that you pack just the right food when you are traveling to the regatta.

Carry a lot of dry snacks:

Make it healthier. Choose natural fruits and vegetables than processed and packaged snacks. You can choose dehydrated fruits and dry roasted dry fruits instead of packing in burritos and chips.

You can carry granola bars and instant energy bars instead of packed smoothies. Dry snacks will ensure that your luggage is not too messy and that you have a little more peace of mind there.

I love eating my vegetable with a generous helping of peanut butter. I prefer taking them in plastic recyclable containers than the standard glass jar packing that they come in.

The last time, I took with me roasted chickpeas which I made with only four ingredients – chickpeas, cayenne, salt, and olive oil. They were so delicious and nutritious too. I remember reading and taking the recipe from

One word of caution:

If you are a foodie and you love experimenting, this is not the time. Avoid new food in possible ways.

Also hydrate yourself well:

Remember no soft drinks or aerated drinks. In order to do yourself good, stay to good old H2O. Drink as much as you can.