The best foods for natural male enhancement

Your diet is an important part of determining whether your sex drive is going to be able to satisfy or not, take a look at this list of 7 ideal natural foods for male enhancements that can help improve your sex drive today.

The first food (or drink) is Red Wine, Red Wine is known to stimulate blood flow to the brain and to the little man down there, there is a study that shows that Red wine can even help with the mood of the evening, one or two glasses can help increase sexual drive and lubrication in women for example.

The second food is Apples, it may surprise you but Apples contain a potent flavanoid (fancy word for a flavor inducing compound that has medicinal properties) called quercetin which helps with bladder control, ejaculation and maintaining an erection. Eating 1 apple a day should be good and easy enough to do.

The third food is Salmon, Salmon is natural rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which help stimulate brain activity (therefore sexual pleasure) as well as keep prostate function healthy, they also help boost blood flow by preventing micro clots from building up.

The fourth food is Chicken, Chicken contains several great amino acids such as L-arginine, carnitine, etc.. As well as containing huge amounts of vitamins and minerals like Zinc, Iron and Boron. This helps ensure blood flow to the penis during an erection and can even alleviate some symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

The last such food is Walnuts, walnuts are rich in fiber, protein and zinc. These sorts of nutrients help the overall macro stability of your body and help to counteract the negative effects of sleep loss and erectile dysfunction. Pecans, pumpkin seeds and peanuts can provide many of the same nutrients as well, but watch out for the calories in these nuts! They are quite numerous!

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